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Nobuki Hizume
hat & head piece designer

I graduated from Bunka Fashion College, then moved to Italy. I opened my underwear brand in Italy. I had some shows in Milan and 5 other cities. I moved back to Japan in 2005, and worked for many musician, films, stages,,,,etc,,,,, as a “ Head-Piece & Hat designer ”. And I opened my own head-piece and hat brand “ NOBUKI HIZUME ”. Since 2009, I moved to Paris. and make many hats for every big brands for Paris Fashion week. In 2019, I received the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

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Harmony of objects and hats
Harmony of art and fashion By consuming

We have satisfied our materialistic desires, so we have come to the point where we need to think of the destination of our desire. It is time to face the reality about the limitation of resources. We must consider a new way to make things for the modern age and put it into practice. The way of making things for the new age – I think that we have to sublimate the concept of objects and change them to living things and add value like art works, then they will last forever.

The point I want to emphasize is that each item is not only just a thing but has individual life. My works which have life are independent and have value and let people know their existence. Specifically, if I explain about hats among my works, of course, they are hats but by wearing them, they will provide you a function and joy. Even when they are not worn, they have value as objects and you will enjoy looking at them. Also, those hats are not just displayed even though they are not worn anymore, you feel like keeping them as objects which are real art works.

I believe that all my works which offer expanded possibilities have protected themselves from changes of the times and will live forever. My way of creation is the way of making things for the new age. And I believe that I can express my own world which nobody else can express because I have my own way of thinking for the process of creation.

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